The Story Behind vin + min's Resort Wear & Beach Kaftans in Dubai


vin + min, a premier luxury resort wear brand, was born from the creative synergy of best friends Vinima & Andrea. Initially launched in Hong Kong in 2017, the beachwear brand found its true essence in Singapore in 2018. Inspired by the founders' shared passion for fashion and their distinctive traits, vin + min epitomizes effortless elegance with a modern interpretation of the classic kaftan.

Setting itself apart in the world of resort wear for women, vin + min meticulously crafts each design, selecting only the finest fabrics and embellishments for its beach kaftans, beach cover ups, beach dresses, and beach apparel for women and girls.

Committed to sustainable fashion & embracing the ethos of slow fashion, vin + min handcrafts each kaftan in Bali, ensuring every piece is handmade with care. With exclusive designs & limited production, vin + min's kaftans exude undeniable glamour, embodying the essence of beach glam attire. Each piece from vin + min is truly distinctive and versatile, reflecting their commitment to quality craftsmanship & unique style.


In 2018, Andrea took the helm of vin + min upon her return to Singapore. Fueled by a profound dedication to purposeful living and compassion, she reimagined vin + min as a nonprofit social enterprise in September 2020.

Grounded in Bali-made craftsmanship, the brand draws inspiration from the beauty of Bali, Andrea's beloved second home & the production hub of vin + min's designs. Each purchase at vin + min contributes to its mission, aligning with its commitment to supporting causes that matter.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant economic hardships for Bali, particularly due to the decline in tourism. To address the widespread job losses in the community, Andrea collaborated with a local church organization to launch a food aid program, known as "Sembako," initially benefiting 30 families in need in both Benoa and Kelan. Over time, the Sembako efforts have expanded, now reaching 40 families across Java and Bali. 

vin + min is also committed to meeting the educational needs of the Benoa kids and has constructed a classroom which currently offers underprivileged children a dedicated space to develop their literacy and English language skills. vin + min remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the classroom, covering all associated expenses, including the yearly rental fee, essential furniture and fittings, study materials, and funding for field trips. Furthermore, vin + min extends its support by sponsoring children who lack the means to cover school fees, uniforms, & supplies.

In late 2023, Andrea embarked on an exhilarating new journey as she moved to Dubai, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share her beachwear brand with the vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts in the region. Bursting with excitement, she looks forward to unveiling her exquisite resort wear designs and welcoming customers to indulge in the luxurious world of vin + min. With each meticulously crafted piece, Andrea hopes to captivate hearts and minds, offering not just stylish apparel, but a chance to make a meaningful difference.

With every purchase, customers become part of a larger movement, empowering communities and spreading positivity. Andrea's passion for fashion and philanthropy shines through in every stitch, and she can't wait for everyone to experience the magic of vin + min firsthand. Get ready, Dubai – a world of stunning fashion and impactful change awaits!


"Sembako" originates from "Sem"bilan "ba"han po"ko"k, meaning "nine essentials" in Bahasa Indonesia. These packages historically encompass the fundamental food and household items essential for every home, such as rice, eggs, milk, oil, and soap. With care and dedication, our food distribution teams prepare Sembako packages for all the receiving families. While most families collect their supplies from our distribution centers in Bali and Java, our dedicated teams also conduct home visits on scooters to ensure access for all.


How remarkable it is that the purchase of a single women's kaftan has the power to sustain two families of four for an entire month! 

For UAE customers, our resort wear and accessories are available for purchase on our online shop.

Singapore-based customers can explore our collections in-store at Bella Kini (69 Haji Lane) or Ginko Collection (362 Joo Chiat Rd).

Every purchase directly supports the families in Benoa and Java. Remember, sharing is caring! If you value our mission to create a positive impact, express your support by liking, commenting, and sharing your thoughts on social media with your loved ones. And don't forget to send us your photos and testimonials too!