About Us


vin + min is a Singapore-based resort wear label, started in Hong Kong by besties, Vinima & Andrea. The label was inspired by its founders’ similarities, individuality, & great passion for fashion. vin + min’s effortlessly elegant resort wear pieces are a modern twist on the classic and timeless kaftan. Distinguished from the rest by their carefully curated fabrics & embellishments, vin + min's kaftans are undoubtedly glamorous by design. Their slow fashion model and limited production of each style also make each of their versatile pieces one-of-a-kind.


vin + min is now run solely by Andrea, who relocated back to Singapore in 2018. Always striving live purposefully and with a huge heart for others, Andrea transitioned vin + min to a not-for-profit brand in September 2020. Bali, a place so dear to her, and also where vin + min's designs are produced, has been ravaged by Covid19. As so many have lost their jobs due to the complete downturn of tourism in Bali, Andrea has connected the brand with a local church organization, and together they work to provide bi-weekly food bags called "Sembako" to 30 families in the Benoa community. How amazing is it that the purchase of 1 women's kaftan can help to feed 2 families of 4 for a month?


"Sembako" a shortened form of the phrase for “nine essentials”, which in Bahasa Indonesia is "Sem"bilan "ba"han po"ko"k. Sembako packages are historically known to contain the 9 must-have (and very basic) food and household items that every home needs including, rice, eggs, milk, oil, soap and so on. Our food distribution team in Bali lovingly assembles Sembako packages for 30 families on a bi-weekly basis. Most times, the families come to the distribution centre in Jimbaran to pick up their food supplies, but on occasion, the team sets out on scooters to do deliveries around Bali.

Sembako Team


You can purchase our resort wear and accessories online or get in touch with us to visit our showroom located in the heart of Katong. All proceeds go to the Benoa families. Also, sharing is caring! If you love our stuff and how we're trying to make a difference in the lives of others, do like, comment, and share your thoughts on social media and with your family and friends, or send us your testimonial! 


Some of our kaftan and jewellery designs are stock-listed at Bella Kini, located at 69 Haji Lane. You can also check out Bella Kini's website to see which items can be seen at their shop.

If you would like to view the rest of our kaftan and jewellery collections, please book an appointment to visit our showroom via What's App at +6593844652 or email us at vinandminco@gmail.com. We would love for you to come down and see, touch, and try on all of our designs! We may even have a glass of bubbly waiting for you!


Our showroom is located at Katong Gardens, which is only a 3-min brisk walk (or a 5-min stroll) from i12 Katong. Access is via Cheow Keng Rd (the street just after Platypus Cantina and before Sin Hoi Sai Eating House). Get in touch for further details! 


By appointment only